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I am Tiffany Gong and I would like to wish you a warm welcome to my independent escort London website. I enjoy spending quality time with clients who treat their companion to the finer things in life however the most important thing is that when I am with a client they have to be extremely gentlemen like and ready to treat a high-class London escort the way I should be treated. If you would like to know more personally about my interests please see the About me page. It is not just classy gentlemen I expect I also have very high standards for the venues I will attend with my clients. If you would like to enjoy some quality and intimate time together but haven't been in the company of a classy independent escort in London before then don't worry as I have plenty of ideas for our time together in London.

If you have something particular you would like me to wear during our appointment that is not a problem at all. I can make the arrangements for whatever your heart desires. If you are looking for an independent escort in London to accompany you to any event which you are looking to make an impression on I would love to be that companion. I am very confident and outgoing in social situations and I tend to turn quite a few heads whenever I turn up to a location however I am dedicated to making sure you my client enjoys an intimate and sensual time with me.

With a modelling background it is important for me to make sure that my appearance is in tip-top condition. That is why I put a lot of hard work into making sure my figure is up to my very high standards. You can see my portfolio here. So if you are looking for a model London escort to spend an intimate and romantic time with I am most certainly a fit for the task. I learned a lot being a model and how I should present myself. It gave me an insight in how I would like to be as an elegant woman and this is why I chose to become a Model London Escort as I know it is what the people of London desire. Meeting with a Model London Escort is unlike any other, we’re always radiant looking, we usually have a very strong presence in front of most and we always have a positive attraction especially in a busy room. Imagine being in the company of a beautiful Model London Escort whilst you make your way into one of the most prestigious and high-class venues in all of London? This is an experience can not be missed, so go to book an appointment with me now :)

I have very high standards to any of the venues I attend and those I won't. I believe an elite London escort like myself always deserves the best of the best as I provide my clients with a companionship like no other that's for sure. Discretion is something I take extremely serious and I uphold a 100% discretion policy so when enjoying this elite London escort company discretion is something that doesn't even have to cross your mind. I believe that my clients deserve the best quality service especially from an elite London escort because that’s why they choose to hire an elite escort. I know we share the same idea and live the same lifestyle that is why I love to offer my clients my elite independent escort London services.

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